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Cameron Preston

The unfabulous twin

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Name:Cameron Preston
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Haling from London, England, Cameron is one of a pair of identical twins. He and his brother, Patrick, however, couldn’t be more different if they tried. To put it bluntly, Patrick is screaming gay, and Cameron is as straight as they come. They knew from a very young age that the twins were like chalk and cheese, and their parents always tried to nurture their unique sides of them. Where Cameron is as straight as an arrow, an professional English football star, and as masculine as they come, Patrick was outrageous, an extrovert, and had a yearning to be a hairdresser when he grew up. Patrick's career plans dramatically changed when Cameron got into a rough game of football in high school and needed to spend some time in hospital recovering. Patrick had been strangely fascinated by the hospital setting and decided he would look good in surgical scrubs. The rest was history.

Cameron has always loved sports and as soon as he was old enough to understand football on the TV, he wanted to be a football player. Their grandfather had played for the Premier League, namely Liverpool FC, and it wasn't long before Cameron began to yearn to follow in his footsteps. He was a typical boy, a rough nut, loved sports, girls, and getting sweaty and dirty. He had his first girlfriend at 15 and lost his virginity to, but no relationship really stuck once the girl realised Cameron firmly put his twin and his football ambition above and beyond all else. Cameron's athletic ability was nurtured from grade school and it only got stronger. He was in his early teens when his parents got him a professional coach, and he was scouted for the junior league in London when he was in high school.

Once he graduated, he was offered a contract from a sporting agency, who quickly got him a try-out for the Premier League recruitments that year. He was hand-picked by Liverpool officials, and it was the start of his very successful career as an English football star. He has been there ever since, though his career faltered a little in 2008 when Patrick fell deathly ill with a brain hemorrhage that caused temporary amnesia and nearly died. Cameron rushed to America to be at his side, and after a long and tough recuperation, Patrick's symptoms never quite fully recovered, and he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a huge blow for all his family and friends... but no one more than Cameron.

Cameron blamed himself for not being there when Patrick fell ill, and he always struggled with the separation between them. They had a massive argument when Patrick decided to move to America for his own career, but it abated when Patrick promised to always keep in touch, no matter what. Unfortunately, that was a catalyst for yet another large fall-out between the twins when Patrick married the love of his life, Aiden, when the eloped to Canada. Cameron always wanted to be his Best Man, and it was only when Patrick's illness took a bad relapse that Cameron realised how much Aiden loved Patrick, and how selfish his explosion about missing the wedding had been.

After that, things settled for a few years, and they got used to these new changes. Yet another flare up, born of never really having gotten used to be apart, came when Cameron read on Facebook that Patrick wanted a baby with his husband, and Cameron took it personally that Patrick hadn't talk to him about it. The argument was still in full swing when, during one of the final games of the season, Cameron suffered a terrible injury in the game from a rough and bad tackle. He had a dislocated shoulder, concussion, and shattered his kneecap, needing intense knee reconstructive emergency surgery. Patrick rushed to London, and the twins reunited, but Cameron's career and future with Liverpool is left very much hanging in the balance.

"When you walk through a storm
Keep your chin up high
And don't be afraid of the dark"

- You'll Never Walk Alone

RP and muse journal only. Original Character for [community profile] dreamlikenewyork PSL.
PB is Leonardo Dicaprio. No infringement intended.

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